Cyber Protection

IT Security is so much more than just antivirus and firewalls! The conversation needs to be focused on minimizing business’ risk. Our approach includes employee training, security / use policies and software & hardware protection. We also used a layered solution to protect your business.

Virtual CIO

This is an area that many IT providers say the do but most are techs who love gadgets. For 20 year we have worked with business owners to use technology to accomplish their business goals and balance cost of IT cost verses the reward by lowering risk, increasing productivity or eliminating duplication.

Business Continuity

Business continuity is not a backup solution but a complete plan on what to do, who to call depending on the size of the disaster. We take the time to complete this plan and then update as needed so that when something happens the steps to keep you up and running are in place.

SC IT Support layer security solution

At SC IT Support we wrap your network in layers of protection and security. To start we use multi-factor authentication for all of our remote access tools. Next we install, configure and secure your LAN from the World Wide Web using next generation firewalls and Universal Threat Protection.

All of your end-points (PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Phones) are then secured with proper antivirus and anti-malware agents. We also ensure that all security updates are tested and then installed on every device. For a final layer any mobile device is secured with encryption in the event it is lost or stolen.

But, we don’t stop there, next we work with you, and your employees to help them be able to recognize phishing and click-bait attacks. We also work with your HR department to implement acceptable use, mobile device, new hire and termination checklists.

Now we have your network running smoothly and secure, but our job is not done. We will be monitoring all of the hardware looking for the first sign of trouble, monitoring server and firewall event logs for signs you are being attacked. We will also be testing backups to ensure that if we ever need to restore something we can. And finally there is the ongoing coaching we do with your employees so they can use technology better and be aware of new attacks small business face from the cyber world.

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